Are you planning a wedding or big event?

We can arrange a tasting and consultation on weekdays by appointment only.

The price for a tasting is 25€ and is for max. 4 people including you and your partner, so if you like, you can also bring your bridesmaid, mother, wedding planner etc. If you book the wedding cakes via us we will credit the 25€ towards your balance of the final order. 

The tasting will take about an hour and will also be a consultation at the same time. We like to talk to you about your wishes and design a perfect cake(table) for your special day, therefore we don’t have an exact cake list, but if you like we can send you a list of example options.

Before the tasting we will need to know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. We can adjust to almost every allergy, but unfortunately we can’t do sugar free. We also do not use fondant. So if you are looking for a fondant covered cake we're unfortunately not the right cakery. 

It would be nice if you could bring to the tasting consultation:
- Contact information for the main people involved in planning the event (wedding planner, family member or friend)
- exact address of the venue
- rough ideas of the style you like. Pictures are helpful but not necessary. You could use a Pinterest board for example.

Please contact us for more information and reserving a time for a tasting consultation.


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